My name is Nicole Bromley (nee Arundale) and I live on Guernsey in the Channel Islands with my husband.  I am a proud ginger, like to talk, think far too much about things and enjoy writing.

This blog was initially set up as a place for me to channel my love to ramble about anything and everything really.  However in 2012 I found out my husband and I were expecting our first baby.  Nine months later and we sadly lost our baby boy Freddie in early labour.  Since that day this blog has taken on a different angle and has allowed me to express my grief.

This blog now follows my journey through grief and my life as a wife and mother to an angel.

I have always enjoyed writing and am passionate about it because it allows you to be creative, express yourself and get out onto paper what’s going on upstairs.

My granny is my inspiration to write.

She was a lovely, warm and generous lady who for her time was pretty out there. She was very artistic and was amazing at drawing. She wrote fashion articles, illustrated cook books and even wrote a regular column for the Manchester Evening News. She took inspiration on her daily life and created a family based on her own and wrote about their adventures and mishaps. I would love to make her proud and have my own column in a magazine one day so I am hoping maybe it’s in the Arundale blood!

My friends used to say that I am honest (maybe too honest), loud, mad and someone who likes to talk. They even laughed one day when I defended my big mouth by saying that I’d rather go through life expressing myself and saying what I think so that when my turn to leave this world comes, I can definitely say that ‘I’ve said it all!’  They thought this phrase would be a great epitaph for me.

I feel that since August 2013, I have changed and although honest, I am not as loud or mad and talk less.  I now think more, feel more and protect myself more.  When I do feel like opening up and able to write I will, so I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Nicole x



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