Day 19: Support (Capture Your Grief 2013)

20131019-171352.jpg Support

Day 19 of Capture Your Grief (in memory of Freddie Leigh Bromley) and the subject title today is ‘Support‘.

I have had an immense amount of support since Freddie passed but I can honestly say that I would not be as strong as I am today without the support from my loving, caring, attentive and amazing husband Rik.

He has held my hand, wiped away my tears, bought me food, put me to bed, loved me unconditionally and most of all made me laugh.

Love this man to the stars and back. He is the colour on my dark days.

Thank you Freddie for making mummy and daddy stronger and closer x


One thought on “Day 19: Support (Capture Your Grief 2013)

  1. No parent should have to live in a world without their child//children. I hate that we do and wish that it was different. Thinking of you, your husband and Freddie. Sending hope and hugs. xo



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