Day 11: Triggers (Capture Your Grief 2013)


Day 11 of Capture Your Grief (in memory of Freddie Leigh Bromley) and the subject title today is ‘Triggers‘.

What isn’t a trigger?  They are everywhere.  Things I see, things I hear, places I go, places I can’t go………Some triggers bring back happy memories which then make me sad.  Some just make me sad.  They are constant little reminders that something went wrong, something is missing and I am the odd one out.

Where do I belong?  I miss going into shops for baby items and I can’t attend baby classes. It’s like I’m not allowed or valid anymore.  I don’t belong and I can’t join in.

I am part of a different club now.  A club nobody wants to join.  A club where only the odd ones out join.

We never belong here, just learn to live here.



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