Siren Warning: Hot Strings!

A fab new magazine called Gallery launched in Guernsey on 11/11/11 with their ‘Numero Uno‘ issue and I was privileged to be asked to contribute.

The magazine already exists in Jersey and having seen previous examples of the style of it, I was very excited about it coming to Guernsey. There seemed something different about it than the other magazines in the market over here. Good quality paper, full of a variety of different articles and a funky edge to it.

My first job for them was to interview a lovely group of ladies who are the Siren Electric String Quartet who were visiting the island for the Lady Taverner’s Silver Anniversary Ball at Beau Sejour. I had previous interviewing experience from my years in recruitment and HR but I had never done an interview quite like this before.

I did lots of research on them as I hadn’t heard of them before and my first thought was how beautiful they all were! I listened to some of their work and was genuinely impressed and excited about meeting them. I headed off to Beau Sejour with a list of questions which I felt were not only factual but also fun so they could open up and have a laugh with me. They were doing their sound check when I arrived so I was very fortunate to hear them live from the back of the hall…….

One other journalist was there so whilst he was interviewing them, I sat there waiting and mulling over what they would make of my questions. Before I knew it, I was being called to go and have a chat with them. They were all sat on the stairs outside the hall in the foyer with their instruments and on seeing me, one of them complemented me on my iPhone cover which was a great breaking the ice moment and relaxed me. We had a really nice chat for about 20 minutes and having prepared questions I felt the interview flowed really well and as I asked the fun questions towards the end, they really opened up and had a giggle between them.

I came away feeling I had left an impression that I knew what I was doing and knowing that the audience were going to be in for a treat later on.

Siren are a group of lovely talented ladies who have the world at their feet. I really wish them well for the future and hope they enjoy reading the article.

So without further ado, here is my article I entitled – Siren Warning: Hot Strings!

Gallery Magazine Website
Numero Uno Issue



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