Me and my big mouth!

‘Me and my big mouth!’ is the title of the first post because just a few weeks ago me and my big mouth got into trouble. Not with the law, thankfully, but with my husband, friends and family! Drink was involved it has to be said, but I thought I would share my embarrassing story with you so I can get it off my chest……

The scene of the crime was at a function where I was hosting a table. My husband was helping back stage and I had filled my table with friends and my sister. I had a new dress on and felt pretty good and my husband had bought a new suit so looked rather dashing. I arrived at the function and just didn’t feel 100%. I can’t put my finger on why but although I felt confident in how I looked, I was just not right on the inside. I blame it on PMT and being a nervous host but I think others would say alcohol and just simply ‘me and my big mouth’.

It was about two hours into the function and a glass or two of wine had definitely passed my lips but I would say I was still in control. I was in the ladies and there was just one other girl there and as I passed her to walk out the door, I popped my head back in. The next few words that came out of my mouth were “oh you must be pregnant then?” A genuine question and one I now wish had stayed in my head rather than passing my lips. For the look on the girl’s face told me the answer but she politely replied….. Continue reading Me and my big mouth!


Welcome to the red said blog

Welcome to the first post of the red said blog.

So where do I start?

Well the whole point I have set up this blog is so that I can ramble on about anything and everything. I write as part of work but this blog is purely for play.

Yeh, I get to talk about what I want and when I want.

Ahh so expect random, embarrassing, honest, open, sober and drunk stories all about my life.

I will be blogging about me, my big mouth, my life, my family, my health, my thoughts, my everything basically.

I hope you enjoy reading and don’t take any offence. I want to share my life and my view on life with you in a way which I hope you find honest but funny.

I would love to hear from you if you have any comments.

It would be great to know if my stories touch you or maybe even simply make you laugh out loud and feel less bad about yourself.

Thanks for reading.

Nicole x